What is the most annoying thing your colleagues say all the time?

Is there something that you hear all the time in office, at the watercooler or in meetings that really gets on your nerves or is simply “funnily” annoying?
Speech patterns, vocal mannerism, grammar or pronunciation mistakes, trendy words, anything.

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For example:

  • Low hanging fruit — being said over and over again by project managers
  • You was — being said by some Russian colleagues
  • Ähm — filler word used all the time by — um/ehm — every single german ( my kids now use both: Italian mmm and German ähm… :-))
  • super — as an answer to basically everything, or t spice up every adjective good or bad (super annoying, super exiciting — that was super!)
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But that is nothing. What drives me really mad is when colleagues say all the time “simply” and “just”.

It could be a slightly brown nosy wannabe lead trying to please the upper levels by being condescending and saying

sure we can do that — It´s just a UI form, Easy!

even though all other people in the team stated that that task should not be underestimated in its complexity.

or it could be a junior dev “lying” during standups by saying:

I am almost done, I just need to apply some final touches but it should be simple and quick

while you know — because he asked for help — or you are reviewing the WorkInProgess MR — that he is faaar from done.

or a junior or senior — doesn’t matter — developer that during an estimate meeting / , say :

Oh that should be simple, definitely, an S ticket, couple of days, tops!

when they really have NO clue what they are talking about (a clear case of )

I will come back later on with a post about “lying at standups or underestimating task”, for now, I am just curious about what you hear and hate the most and what you do when it happens.

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Originally published at on September 24, 2019.

Sport addicted, productivity obsessed, avid learner, travel enthusiast, expat, 2 kids. Technical Lead (NodeJs Serverless)

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