5 Tips for successful blogging ( + 1 to build a solid personal brand)

1) write lists and use numbers in the title

  • the 5 bestest UI frameworks to learn in 2021
  • 20 tips to become a supadupa coder
  • If only my mentor told me these 10 things when I started coding
  • Become a Millionaire by doing these 3 things every day
  • 100 quotes that saved my life (literally, I was suffering from depression)

2) ask questions and create polls

  • What IDE do you use? Corporate-boring Webstorm or Hacker-cool VIM?
  • What music boosts your productivity?
  • How many times do you go to the bathroom when you code? ( I always forgot to pee when I am in the flow
  • Have you ever felt like an Imposter, like you don’t deserve your success?

3) write very simple technical posts

4) be present, everywhere, all the time

5) use titles that spark curiosity

  • I wiped out a DB in production, you can’t imagine what happened next!
  • Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Javascript
  • I tried to convince my boss serverless is a scam and I got fired.

EXTRA TIP: forget all the above, just write for yourself

Write about what you are learning

Write about your successes and your failures

Write about your coding life:

Don’t worry about numbers, stats, likes, page views.



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